Wesley H. Bateman    

 On Feb. 13, 2009 Wesley H. Bateman passed away after a long period of fighting cancer. he was a pioneer in the UFO research field. A PhD in mathematics, Bateman was one of the originators of the ideas of wormholes, warp-drive and cloaking devices. Writers from Star Trek attended his meetings regularly before and during the show's production years.

Bateman was fascinated by the Pyramids of Egypt and developed the "Ra System of Mathematics" which he said he discovered while studying the Pyramids. 

After his 25 years of studying the Great Pyramid of Giza he knew that his knowledge could be of significant benefit to mankind. In that regard, he made public certain aspects of what he had learned in an effort to let the world know that it had material merit. In his later years, during a time in which he felt his time was running short in this life, he attempted to find ways to bring all of his information public. But he always ran into one obstacle that he could not overcome: the people/entities that had the financial resources to bring these beneficial realities for mankind to fruition. He refused to sign any binding agreement that did not contain the statement "The person/entity would not use this information to principally gain personal wealth; it should be used for the benefit of all mankind". He did not impose a restriction on making a reasonable profit, but he did impose a restriction that prohibited a drug company type "gouge" in the pricing when releasing the product or final technology to the public. This was the humanitarian side to Wes that many people missed.