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Paul Berney & Associates is dedicated to helping businesses Focus, Plan and Achieve. Our unique flavor of Management Consulting is based on the premise that in business, everything an employee does should be thought through, prioritized and planned in advance. We help businesses gain clarity, eliminate wasteful activities and focus on achieving their targets in shorter timeframes without burning people out. Largely, business is about systems and systematic way of doing things. The better your systems the more robust is your business. Our proprietary methodology is designed to help establish better, more streamlined, economical and efficient business systems. We advocate a balanced, disciplined and methodical approach to achieving outstanding results in any industry and any field of endeavor. Whether you are a one-person company or a large multi-national corporation, each employee, business unit and division should Focus, Plan and Achieve.

Feature Products or Services
  • More focused workforce.
  • Eliminated waste of resources.
  • Outstanding results, faster.


Competitive Advantages

  • We don't tell people what to do.
  • We help establish better systems.
  • We deliver long-term benefits.


My Customers and Partners

Ideal Customer is...
We work with large and small companies alike. Our ideal customers are those who benefit from our systems most - the less bureaucratic, agile and dynamic companies with complex multi-disciplined and multi-tasking role structures. We work across a range of different industries such as Hardware, Health, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Production, Services and Software.

Ideal Partner is...
Consulting companies that subscribe to our philosophy and wish to involve our services in compliment to their own.

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What I am looking for

  • Start up or first stage 
  • Real-estate joint venture in Caribbean I have the land on Ocean
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What else I would like you to know:
We deliver our services in both the traditional fashion (i.e. on-site) and online, utilizing the latest communication technologies, videoconferencing, desktop sharing etc. Online delivery works just as effectively, if not more, and saves time and costs for all involved. Plus it allows us to have a global reach and help many different companies around the world.


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