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Paul Berney

64 West Coleys Cove, Elk Ridge, Utah  84651

Phone: (801) 368-9039    E-mail: hunterberney@aol.com

Sales & Marketing Executive


Business Development/Key Account Management / New Product Development & Launches / Brand Equity and Licensing/ Product & Sales Management / B2B / B2C / Operations / P&L/ Corporate Strategic Planning/ Sourcing Offshore & International Experience

A veteran executive with extensive experience significantly increasing market share and brand equity for such industry leaders such as General Foods, Union Carbide, Borden, Evenflo, and Cosco/Safety 1st. Track record of generating millions by exploring new channels, developing new products, building brand equity and developing key strategic partnerships. 

  •  Entered two new product categories, generating $50M in sales.  Developed a partnership with the market leaders in China  and    Korea.  Co-developed two proprietary and patented lines. Within 2 years held a 15% market share and penetrated all price points while on the other capturing a respectable 8% share.

  •  Developed strategic plan successfully stimulating company Brand equity, growth and profitability.  Developed planning process focusing on new product development, public relation and compatible partnerships.  Diversified the product offering from home use into the home-builder channel.  In addition, launched a full e-commerce B2B and B2C web site strategy.

A skilled negotiator, adept at forming strategic partnerships through licensing agreements with such Blue Chip companies as: Eddie Bauer, Disney, NASCAR, and Harley Davidson as well as suppliers and third parties.  Varied industry experience in manufacturing, consumer products—both durable and non-durable goods, and packaged consumer goods.   

  • Generated in excess of $110M in sales by co-branding to penetrate higher-end segments.  Negotiated license with Eddie Bauer, generating $20M in sales the first 2 years and $50M annually thereafter.  Negotiated license with Disney, generating over $20M in sales.  Negotiated a NASCAR license contributing over $20M in gross sales.

  • Targeted four new categories, dramatically growing market share for each division.  Focused on Branding, licensing, acquisitions, public relations and new product development of over 60 products.  Added a $70M acquisition and a $200M acquisition.  Achieved 5-year goal of a half-billion dollar critical mass.

Mr. Berney’s business acumen is not limited to creative marketing, sales and advertising strategies; he has also improved operations and plant efficiencies.  During his tenure as a GM at a major brand leader in Canada he improved efficiencies by 13%.  He accomplished this by executing an MRP implementation process.  He improved forecasting to 90% accuracy 30 days out and 70% accuracy at 120 days out to become the corporations leader on forecasting accuracy. 

           His ability to reengineer companies and divisions was further demonstrated where Mr. Berney turned around the failing advertising and creative departments at Cosco.   

Mr. Berney also has significant Board level experience during his career. 

To find out more about Mr. Berney you are invited to view his personal web site at www.pbassociates.biz




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