20 Things Paul brings

to the Table


Paul has the experience

to deliver what your organization needs to grow and be profitable

  1. A strong sales and marketing discipline with a number of highly sophisticated Brand driven organizations both large and small.

  2. Eight years of General Management experience which includes Manufacturing, Importing, QC, HR, Administration and an MRP2 execution.

  3. International experience in partnerships, importing, exporting with partners in China, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

  4. Board level experience both reporting to and sitting on boards.

  5.  Licensing experience both as a licensee and licensor.

  6. P & L responsibility in the last 4 jobs.

  7. Private Label experience, directing activities with accounts and internally developing the programs and monitoring them.

  8. New product development experience in the last 4 jobs.

  9. Fashion and design experience.

  10. Cost containment and cost reduction experience in the last 3 jobs.

  11. Acquisition experience.

  12. Strategic Planning at both the corporate and functional areas.

  13. Web site development both B2B and B2C.

  14. Personnel development and retention experience.

  15. Consumer Products packaged and durable goods experience that touched almost every channel of distribution and type of sales force.

  16. Strong communicator with both written and verbal skill set.

  17. Team player and able to rally the troops at all levels.

  18. Adaptable to varied cultures both internally and externally.

  19. Strong references able to verify my skill set.

  20. Personal and Professional commitment to excellence.






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