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e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. can provide expertise in the following: Please contact us for pricing


2. Care Planning

3. MDS

4. ICD-9/ICD-10 Coding

5. Physician Orders

6. We develope Business Plans

7. We develope Marketing Plans


e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. can provide expert training in the following: Please contact us for pricing


2. Care Planning

3. MDS

4. ICD-9/ICD-10 Coding (See below)

5. Physician Orders


We Provide Training at your facility
Topic: ICD-10 Implementation October 1, 2014
Structure and Use
Actions to Take
Benefits and Challenges
Software System Impact
Cross Referring
Discussions and Questions
We Supply the Answers
Who Uses ICD-10?
What is ICD?
When Does ICD-10 Happen?
Where can I get information?
Why are we moving to ICD-10 Coding?
What are the ICD Code differences?
We Provide the Following Options
Full Day Training
CMS Recommendation
CMS recommends that Providers start training two (2) years before implementation date of October 1, 2014. Now is the Time to ACT!


1. Power Point Programs
2. Excel Programs
3. Word Programs

PowerPoint Programs

e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. has available the following PowerPoint programs: Contact us for pricing

HIPAA HIPAA for Dentists
HIPAA Covered Entity HIPAA for Pharmacists
HIPAA Preemption HIPAA for Head Start
HIPAA Privacy Rule HIPAA Who What When
HIPAA Certification HIPAA for Physicians
HIPAA Security HIPAA Seminar
HIPAA Training HIPAA Products - EHCS
HIPAA Transaction Std. Information Security
HIPAA Training & Educ. Security
HIPAA Step by Step EMR Records
Security Compliance LTC Nursing Home Qual. Init.
Consumer Use Qual. Mea Telemedicine

Excel Programs

e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. has available the following Excel programs: Contact us for pricing

Allergy Graph Asset Depreciation
Allergy Log Baby Growth
Blood Pressure Log Body Meas./Wgt Tracter
Blood Sugar Level Log Business Indebtness
Daily Cal. & Fat Percent CNA Daily Report
Employee Hire Cost Employee Information
Expense Budget Expense Statement
Fac. Income/Expense Falls Log
Fall Risk Assessment Food cost Yearly
Food/Fat % Calculator GPA Calculator
Fitness - Women Grocery List
Fitness - Men HH PPS LUPA Payment
Lost and Found Log Medication Log
Nutrition Best Practices Organization Readiness
Overtime Analysis Patient BP History
PPS Worksheet Rural Resident Trust Account
Resident Weight Chart Staff Language
Start-Up Capital Expen Therapeutic Diet CK out
Therapy Needs Assess. Weekly Meal Planner
Year End Tax Plan  

WORD Programs

e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. has available the following WORD programs: Contact us for pricing

Authorization info
Beh. Health Sub. Abuse
Blood Component Trans. CPR Flow Sheet
Daily Food Diary Diabetic Flow Sheet
Core Encounter Record Edu./Disch. Instructions
GU Infection Health Hx Questions
Intake/Output Living Will
24 Hr MAR Maternal Teaching Plan
Medicare noncovered Bk Medicare Denial Letter
Medicare 2nd Payor Frm Medication Flow Sheet
Menu Card Misc. Supply Charge
Neurological Flow Sheet Newborn Daily Flow Sht
Newborn Teaching Plan Nursing Flow Sheet
Nutrition Log Obstetric Adm. Agreem
Obstetric Assessment Obstetric Outpatient
Pain Management Patient Care System
Patient Discharge Inst. Patient Discharge Sum.
Registration Form Physician Orders
Physician Rec. Newborn Patient Transfer Cert.
Progress Notes PT Evaluation
Purchase Requisition Recipe Cards
Strength Training Log Telephone Cons. Form
Transfer Memorandum Upper/Lower Resp Inf
VA Denial Letter Yearly Physical

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