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e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. is currently looking for alliances with companies that can supply Products and/or Services to the Nursing Home Industry. Please contact us if you  are interested in  partnering with us. Our contact information is located on the "Contact Us" tab.

Brimstone Dietary Management

Dietary Manager Online is an innovative new food service management software program for long-term care, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. This exciting new product provides a customizable solution for healthcare professionals seeking to

  • Manage Inventory
  • Track Resident Nutrition
  • Coordinate Food Service Management From a User-Friendly Internet Portal
“We understand that if we are going to deliver the full value of our system to our customers, we have to go above and beyond to help them. It’s not enough just to give them web-enabled software. We work to ensure that they have support from an assigned customer service representative, with experience in the industry, who will work hand in hand with their team. Many of our competitors take months, sometimes more than a year, to get fully up and running. We want our customers to be fully integrated in sixty days (Donna Sprout, CEO of Brimstone Allon Enterprises, LLC).”


VisualShare™ is a low-cost Telehealth solution that supports all major image formats and requires no additional hardware or software components. The application is fully HIPAA compliant and as easy to use as the typical email application. VisualShare™ is designed to support multi-gigabyte image files and provides the ability to zoom and pan, as well as the functionality to annotate the image directly and securely store case data for subsequent use and updating, or for instructional purposes, when applicable. The application also has robust reporting features and allows the user to add a summary or diagnostic report to the patient’s file.

We are happy to have a portal to Visualshare™ and all their imaging software programs for our Telehealth module.

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