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Dr. Tom Schuler - CEO/Founder


Dr. Schuler possesses over 40 years working experience in the healthcare field. Educated at Brooks Army Medical Center in Pre Med, Clinical Lab and Pharmacy also at Tri-State University, USC School of Medicine (Irvine), and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), he has worked for Armour Pharmaceutical Company as a chemist and medical researcher, he also worked for the Michael Reese Research Foundation as a researcher and developer of hematology and diagnostic products (Metrix Division). Dr. Schuler also worked for Sherwood Medical Industries and headed the team that developed the Mono-jet Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes. He held a co-patent with Sherwood Medical regarding these tubes. His specialty of blood coagulation proved to be an asset that included him as one of the charter members of the Clinical Thrombosis Society.  Dr. Schuler was also the head of the Microbiology & Coagulation Departments and later Chief Toxicologist for Bio-Con labs.  Dr. Schuler was also a consultant for the USC development for the MR SIMS project which was a computerized Mandroid that allowed anesthesiology students to practice their training. One of his most notable achievements was being in the 1992-1993 Whos Who in leading American executives book.  Dr. Schuler has also obtained his certification to perform Cardiovascular Screenings on patients and has done over 500 screenings in the past few years. Dr. schuler has also writen and published four fiction novels available on Amazon and Kindle.



Sr. VP Sales & Marketing/Partner
Paul joined e-Healthcare Systems in 2007

A multifunctional executive, Mr. Berney has extensive experience significantly increasing profit while implementing cost-saving efficiencies with the many companies he has worked for over the last 35 years.  He is skilled at turning flat or under-performing operations into profitable, growing concerns.  His track record of success has repeatedly been demonstrated during his tenure with such industry leaders as General Foods, Borden, Evenflo,  and Cosco/Safety 1st. His current consulting practice has contributed greatly to many clients in the development of their businesses. Over the last seven years he has been working as an equity consulting partner in the Medical Software field with e-Healthcare Systems, a first stage company targeting the Long Term Care Health field.  A more extensive background can be viewed on his web site at or his Linkedin profile at

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